Paddleboarders relaxing with their boards in a rockpool

Welcome to Jungle SUP

Your premier Irish Surfing accredited stand-up paddleboard school in Waterford, nestled along the breathtaking Copper Coast. We are a team of dedicated Level 2 instructors and outdoor enthusiasts, driven by our passion for life and a love for adventure.

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Meet the Team



Welcome to Jungle Sup! I'm Thomas, the proud owner of this thrilling stand-up paddleboarding venture. With my expertise as an L2 SUP instructor and beach lifeguard, I guide enthusiasts through the world of paddleboarding while ensuring their safety. As a dedicated personal trainer, I also help individuals lead healthier lifestyles. In winter, I work as a snowboard instructor, always seeking joy in every experience. Whether gliding on tranquil waters, conquering snowy mountains, or embracing nature's beauty, my unwavering passion for life drives me.



Lara is a caring and loving individual with a background in nursing. After moving to Ireland three years ago, she fell in love with the Copper Coast and all it has to offer. As an L2 Stand Up Paddleboard instructor, Lara joined Jungle Sup in 2022. Her kind-hearted nature puts people at ease, and she is dedicated to sharing her passion for paddleboarding while ensuring everyone's safety. With her warm personality and expertise, Lara creates unforgettable experiences on the water, making every adventure with her a memorable one.